Benelli at Wallasey Motorcycles

Benelli BN 251 - £2,699
Free Yourself
From £61.69 per month
The BN 251 plays tribute to the same motorcycles customers enjoyed in the past, by offering a lightweight sporty 250 cc naked bike at great ...

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Benelli BN 302 - £3,999
Double Soul, Pure Benelli
From £93.77 per month
The new BN 302 is built with passion for riders of all kinds, from beginners to the experienced, who want to embrace smaller two wheel motor...

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Benelli BN 600 I - £4,999
Innate Talent
From £118.44 per month
The BN 600 I is the affirmed 4-cylinder of Pesaro company that was created in order to satisfy the desires of the most demanding riders. Tes...

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Benelli BN125 - £2,299
Escape Machine
From £54.29 per month
BN 125 is the new compact naked motorcycle from Benelli that is designed to capture the hearts of the newest generation of motorcycle riders...

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Benelli Leoncino - £5,199
The Legend is back
From £123.38 per month
With over a centenary of heritage and inspiration to draw from, the new CentroStile Benelli has managed to re-imagine one of the Pesaro firm...

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Benelli TNT 125 - £2,199
Fun Attitude
From £49.35 per month
Looking for a run-around motorcycle with the enjoying racy look of a larger machine? Look no further than the all-new Tornado Naked T, avail...

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Benelli TRK 502 - £4,999
A Tourist Soul
From £123.38 per month
Jump aboard Benelli's adventure-oriented TRK 502, and the road is your ticket to freedom. Whether you're riding across town or across the co...

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