Royal Alloy at Wallasey Motorcycles

Royal Alloy GP 125 AC - £2,799
Strengths of the past
From £56.11 per month
GP 125 Where the technology of today meets the strengths of the past. Metal bodied with polycarbonate sides, clean precise lines encases a s...

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Royal Alloy GP 125 LC - £3,999
Impossible to ignore
From £81.28 per month
GP 125 LC - Performance and specification fused into a perfect package of useability, jaw dropping looks and attention to detail elevates th...

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Royal Alloy GP 200 LC - £4,299
Pushing the standard
From £88.08 per month
GP 200S Pushing the standard envelope of performance from a Liquid Cooled, fuel injected engine has never looked so eye catching, ABS gets y...

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Royal Alloy GT 125 AC - £2,499
The Start of something special.
From £49.82 per month
All journeys start somewhere and for Royal Alloy it is the GT 125i AC. At just 130KG the plastic bodied GT is aimed at the mainstream custo...

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Royal Alloy GT 200 LC - £3,799
Continuing the trend
From £77.59 per month
Taking advantage of the weight saving Plastic body work that helps its little Sibling be the competitor it is, the GT200i takes another forw...

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